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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Today is one of our favorite fictional character’s birthdays! It is also JK Rowling’s birthday, who is the author of the Harry Potter series. We had a super fun birthday party with all sorts of magical activities. The first activity was to put on the sorting hat and take our quiz.

Try our quiz and let us know which house you are in!

At the end of the day, Gryffindor was in the lead with 51 points. Ravenclaw had 45, slytherin 41, and Hufflepuff 36. Everyone did a great job completing their quest to win the house cup!

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Magic Day!

Tuesday was $2 Tuesday and we were celebrating Magic Day in Sproutside. Amazing Mike put on a spectacular magic show for all of our guests today.


Here one of our friend had several arrows stuck through his head, and he came out without a scratch!


Looks like all of our guests are enjoying this magic trick.

Thanks for showing us all of your magical powers, Amazing Mike!

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