Sproutside at the Flint Children's Museum

To inspire a love for learning and awaken imagination through exploration and hands on play.

Eye Spy a great time at the Crim this Saturday! Join us in downtown Flint…






The Crim Festival of Races is happening in downtown Flint this Saturday. The Flint Children’s Museum will be hosting a super fun event on the lawn of UM Flint on the corner of Saginaw Street and Kearsley Street. Become an official Flint Children’s Museum Spy after completing your training. Image

The museum is right on the 3 mile marker of the Crim race! Because we are right in the middle of the course the museum will be closed this Saturday, August 24th. We will be here to cheer on the runners and to provide a sprinkler to cool down under!

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The Stone Soup Celebration was Wonderful!!!


Thank you to everyone who helped make the Stone Soup Celebration a success, and to all of the families who joined us for the fun day! The children’s troupe of the Kearsley Park Players did an excellent job on all three performances. The show was enjoyed by all! For more information about getting your children involved visit: http://www.kearsleyparkplayers.com

ImageAnother big thank you to Bob Evans for providing tasty vegetable “stone” soup today.


After enjoying soup and a play, guests harvested produce from Sproutside to take home for their own stone soup. What a FUN day!

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Rock and Roll in Sproutside! Aug. 16 & 28


Yesterday we brought back a popular Sproutside craft project – Rock and Roll Painting! This is a fun and different way to create some messy art. Look at how cool these paintings turned out!

Join us on August 16 or 28 to try out Rock and Roll Painting with your family!

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A Butterfly Invasion!

A Butterfly Invasion!

Over 70 beautiful butterflies landed in Sproutside this morning.

What’s special about these butterflies? They were made by kids from the local Flint Community Schools who are visiting us for fun field trips all week. The students learned important new science terms such as camouflage and bilateral symmetry.

We expect more butterflies to arrive tomorrow morning, and we can’t wait to see how pretty they are!

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International Mud Day-This Saturday!


International Mud Day is for children all over the world to celebrate nature, outdoors, and mess by getting really muddy. Join us at the Flint Children’s Museum on Saturday, June 29!


Our Mud Pie Cafe will be open for business, so be sure to bring your play clothes and be ready to make some yummy mud pies.

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Come and get your Leafy Green Veggies!

Come and get your Leafy Green Veggies!

Our garden is really growing, it loves the rain we have had lately!

Today we harvested more radishes along with lettuce and kale. One visitor suggested making fruit smoothies with kale in them, the kids don’t even realize how healthy their yummy treat is! Visit the museum today to take some produce home with you.

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Come See What’s Blooming in Sproutside!


Alyssum flowers are blossoming outside our greenhouse. These pretty little flowers are food for caterpillars.



The day lilies throughout the museum gardens are blooming, too. Did you know that these plants are edible? The flower petals are crunchy like lettuce when eaten raw, but you can also find recipes for cooking the flowers. You can even make “pickles” from them!

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There is always something new happening in Sproutside!

There is always something new happening in Sproutside!

Did you know that Sproutside is the largest exhibit at the Flint Children’s Museum? It is the perfect place to run around and enjoy the outdoors.

There are different activities everyday including games, crafts, and educational programs.

And there are new features all the time, too! Check out the new kites that decorate the fence. Last year we introduced the Mud Pie Cafe and our new Michigan Sandbox. Keep visiting to see what’s next!

Remember, we still have Summer Fun Passes. For $30 your whole family can have unlimited museum visits through August 31st.

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Sproutside is OPEN! This week’s programs include…


Sproutside opens today! It will be open Tuesday – Saturday 11am-4pm and 1pm-4pm on Sundays.

Programs for 5/14 to 5/19:

  • This week our fitness circuit will be animal themed! Get in shape by pretending to be different animals.
  • Learn how to work in the garden today and on Saturday.
  • Make ribbon dancers on Wednesday.
  • Play with our giant parachute on Thursday.
  • Grow your own pet plant on Friday!
  • Fly a kite on Sunday.
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3, 2, 1… Blast off!

Who doesn’t dream of being an astronaut as a kid? The thought of heading to outer space in a rocket is just so exciting! But of course there is a lot of science that goes into a trip to space. We explored some of these ideas in Sproutside by launching a water rocket. This is a very simple device that uses air and water to shoot the rocket high into the sky. We sell the kit in our gift shop, all you need to provide is some sort of air pump and water.
Here is one of our young scientists setting it up:


Together we learned about pressure, the effects of wind, and that our rocket could survive being hit by a car! The kids had a blast testing out different amounts of water to see what would make the rocket fly the highest.
Check out how high it flew! Look for the tiny speck in the sky, near the middle.


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