Sproutside at the Flint Children's Museum

To inspire a love for learning and awaken imagination through exploration and hands on play.

Adopt a Rose of Sharon from Sproutside!


Lots of baby Rose of Sharon plants are in need of new homes. Visit the museum and take one home with you! They bloom with beautiful flowers which you are sure to enjoy for many years. As we continue to improve our gardens there will be even more plants up for adoption including black eyed susan and yarrow.

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What’s going to happen to these white flowers?


We cut some white flowers from around Sproutside and stuck them in colored water. One of the daisies is in both green and blue water. What do you think will happen? Comment with your kids’ ideas!

Stop by the museum any day in July for fun water activities!

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This Week in Sproutside…


This week’s exciting Sprouside programs include:

Tuesday: $2 Tuesday, Scat and Tracks (Learn about Michigan Mammals by identifying their poo and paws!)

Wednesday: Plant Dissection (See how plants work by taking them apart and looking inside.)

Thursday: Scat and Tracks

Friday: Grass Monsters (Grow your very own grass monster, don’t forget to give it a haircut!)

Saturday: Free Access Day! Thanks to the Michigan Virtual Charter Academy for sponsoring this free day! Join us for fun events such as science experiments, face painting, and more!


Exploring the Gardens

Our gardens are really growing! Here are some fun facts about a couple of plants in Sproutside.

Did you know that these pretty flowers are edible? They are called day lilies. We have 2 different colors in our gardens, and they taste a little different from each other. They taste like lettuce, with a little sweetness 🙂

This plant is okra. The vitamins in okra help to keep your joints working smoothly so that you can run and jump and play!

Come and see the rest of the pretty, and tasty plants we have. Maybe you can even taste test some of our tomatoes, cucumbers, or zucchini!

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