Sproutside at the Flint Children's Museum

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Knee High by the Fourth of July!


The old saying says that corn plants should be knee high by the Fourth of July. Today is the third of July and the corn in Sproutside is already much taller than my knees! It looks like we will have a great harvest.

We will have tomatoes and peppers ready for harvest soon so be sure to visit if you want a taste of fresh Sproutside veggies!

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Come and get your Leafy Green Veggies!

Come and get your Leafy Green Veggies!

Our garden is really growing, it loves the rain we have had lately!

Today we harvested more radishes along with lettuce and kale. One visitor suggested making fruit smoothies with kale in them, the kids don’t even realize how healthy their yummy treat is! Visit the museum today to take some produce home with you.

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Harvest Time!

Harvest Time!

We harvested some of our radishes this morning, and they sure are beautiful!
How do you like to prepare radishes?

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Exploring the Gardens

Our gardens are really growing! Here are some fun facts about a couple of plants in Sproutside.

Did you know that these pretty flowers are edible? They are called day lilies. We have 2 different colors in our gardens, and they taste a little different from each other. They taste like lettuce, with a little sweetness 🙂

This plant is okra. The vitamins in okra help to keep your joints working smoothly so that you can run and jump and play!

Come and see the rest of the pretty, and tasty plants we have. Maybe you can even taste test some of our tomatoes, cucumbers, or zucchini!

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