Sproutside at the Flint Children's Museum

To inspire a love for learning and awaken imagination through exploration and hands on play.

Bugs & Other Critters!


Today at the museum we observed different bugs and other creatures. Our guests learned so much about the critters living around us! Thanks so much to Darren from MSU for catching all of the creatures and teaching us all about them.


This little crayfish is saying “hello!”


They sure are fast little critters, good job catching them!



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This Week in Sproutside…


This week’s exciting Sprouside programs include:

Tuesday: $2 Tuesday, Scat and Tracks (Learn about Michigan Mammals by identifying their poo and paws!)

Wednesday: Plant Dissection (See how plants work by taking them apart and looking inside.)

Thursday: Scat and Tracks

Friday: Grass Monsters (Grow your very own grass monster, don’t forget to give it a haircut!)

Saturday: Free Access Day! Thanks to the Michigan Virtual Charter Academy for sponsoring this free day! Join us for fun events such as science experiments, face painting, and more!


What does Turtle see?


The Turtle sits on top of the hill all day, watching lots of kids play in Sproutside. Here he is watching his new friend play in the sand box.


Mr. Turtle also watches our garden grow.


He loves to watch as families splash in the water tables!


He also likes to use our Weather Windows to see what types of clouds are in the sky. Are those fluffy cumulus clouds he sees?

Mr. Turtle was decorated by children with special needs. He turned out beautiful, and our guests love to see him sparkling in the sun. Come visit Mr. Turtle and see all of his favorite things in Sproutside!

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Soft and Furry Things in Sproutside

Kids love sensory play, and it is very important in their development. Touch is a great sense to use out in sproutside. Our sensory garden has lots of neat feeling plants such as lamb’s ear.


And there are other furry things in our garden that are even cuter. This morning we found this little baby bunny munching on some of the plants.

How cute!

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