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Back to School!

For many kids Labor Day Weekend means the last of Summer Vacation. Help your children get excited for the new school year by making a fun bookmark craft!


We made these cute monster bookmarks at the museum recently, the kids were so excited to tuck them into their books.

Here are the super simple instructions:

Have fun, and we hope that everyone has a great first day of school!

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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Today is one of our favorite fictional character’s birthdays! It is also JK Rowling’s birthday, who is the author of the Harry Potter series. We had a super fun birthday party with all sorts of magical activities. The first activity was to put on the sorting hat and take our quiz.

Try our quiz and let us know which house you are in!

At the end of the day, Gryffindor was in the lead with 51 points. Ravenclaw had 45, slytherin 41, and Hufflepuff 36. Everyone did a great job completing their quest to win the house cup!

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Happy birthday, E.B. White!

Today we celebrated this famous author’s 113th birthday. Mr. White died in 1985, but he still deserves a celebration! We made spider hats and talked about Charlotte’s Web.

Did you know that spiders have 8 legs? Lots of our younger visitors learned this today while they practiced counting.

We asked our guests what their favorite books are. Look at all of these great suggestions. We are glad you all love to read!