Sproutside at the Flint Children's Museum

To inspire a love for learning and awaken imagination through exploration and hands on play.

Research Shows That Museums Are Good For Your Health!


Studies have shown that people who visit museums are more likely to report good health and high life satisfaction! For more information on the research visit: http://www.museumsassociation.org/museums-journal/news/21082013-museum-visitors-good-health Image

We like to think that our fun Health and Fitness area helps our visitors to stay fit and healthy! Visit us to learn about your muscles, bones, eyes, teeth, and much more. Climb on the rock wall to work out your muscles and take a bike ride with Mr. Bones.

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A Special Presentation on BUGS this Friday!


Learn all about the creepy crawlers living in your backyard with our special guest, Darren Bagley. He will have all sorts of bugs and other creatures for you to observe, touch, and learn about. Join us for the program in Sproutside from 10-3 on Friday, August 23rd. There will be other bug activities too!


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Adopt a Rose of Sharon from Sproutside!


Lots of baby Rose of Sharon plants are in need of new homes. Visit the museum and take one home with you! They bloom with beautiful flowers which you are sure to enjoy for many years. As we continue to improve our gardens there will be even more plants up for adoption including black eyed susan and yarrow.

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Leave your print on Sproutside!


Three best friends were excellent chefs at the mud pie cafe today and they signed the wall with their muddy hand prints!

They read the recipe book and created a perfect example of the cafe’s “world famous mud pie.” Yummy!


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School is just a few weeks away, here is a fun project to get your brain back in shape!


Looking for a fun summer project to keep your kids thinking? The Heirloom Project from Girl Museum is a great way to learn about history and spend time talking with family! It is really easy, too. There are instructional videos on the website to help you get started. Once you are done with your project, it will become a part of a museum exhibit, how cool is that?!


Find all of the details here: http://girlmuseum.org/Exhibitions/intmuseumsday.php

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What Happens to the Veggies Grown in Sproutside?


Of course our visitors are used to tasting the produce grown in Sproutside, but what do we do with the rest of it? We sent this wagon of food to our local food bank!
Fresh veggies are important for everyone to have and we hope that we can help keep our community members happy and healthy by donating our harvests this summer.

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Grass Monsters are Guarding the Grow Lab!


Looks like the grass monsters could use a haircut! The kids who planted them at Bob Evans kids night did a great job!

Learn more about plants ad farm fresh food:

-Visit the grow lab in the lobby of the the Miller Rd, Flint Bob Evans through the end of the month.
-Visit Sproutside at the Flint Children’s Museum.
-Visit our brand new farm exhibit which opens tomorrow!

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H2Go! Water Powered Cars TOMORROW!


How awesome looking is this Hydrocar? We think it’s pretty cool. It operates on 100% clean fuel produced by a reversible fuel cell using solar power.
Visit the museum tomorrow, Friday, July 19th to race hydrocars and to see how they work. Maybe you’ll be driving a car like this one day! Science is amazing!

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$2 Day and Beautiful Weather!


Our rain gauge shows that we got about 1/2 inch of rain yesterday, but today’s forecast is perfect for a day in Sproutside! Today (July 9) is $2 Tuesday at the Flint Children’s Museum.

Bring a picnic lunch and even taste some fresh snap peas and green beans from our garden and play all day for just $2!

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Knee High by the Fourth of July!


The old saying says that corn plants should be knee high by the Fourth of July. Today is the third of July and the corn in Sproutside is already much taller than my knees! It looks like we will have a great harvest.

We will have tomatoes and peppers ready for harvest soon so be sure to visit if you want a taste of fresh Sproutside veggies!

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