Sproutside at the Flint Children's Museum

To inspire a love for learning and awaken imagination through exploration and hands on play.

Wow! Look at our harvest!


It’s hard to see just how yummy the fruits and veggies look here, but you can tell that we had a huge harvest this morning! So many yummy things were donated to our local food bank.

This harvest included: collard greens, Swiss chard, kale, potatoes, chives, broccoli, zucchini, turnips, radishes, and carrots!

Keep visiting Sproutside if you would like to taste some produce. We will have lots of tomatoes ready soon!

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School is just a few weeks away, here is a fun project to get your brain back in shape!


Looking for a fun summer project to keep your kids thinking? The Heirloom Project from Girl Museum is a great way to learn about history and spend time talking with family! It is really easy, too. There are instructional videos on the website to help you get started. Once you are done with your project, it will become a part of a museum exhibit, how cool is that?!


Find all of the details here: http://girlmuseum.org/Exhibitions/intmuseumsday.php

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We <3 Our Sunflowers!


Isn’t nature just amazing!? One of our sunflowers grew into a heart shape all on its own. We love to see all of the beautiful things that nature brings to Sproutside. Come see us soon to check out this special sunflower for yourself!

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What happened to this squash and watermelon?


Some of our summer squash and watermelon have split open!

We didn’t know why this happened, so we looked it up. Fruits and vegetables don’t like it when the weather changes a lot. Remember when it was really hot and dry a couple of weeks ago? And then it cooled down and got rainy? Well, those changes had a big impact on the produce that was trying to grow. The sudden changes caused them to burst!

Luckily there are lots more things that are still growing just fine. Come see our garden soon!

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Join us for Edible Flint tomorrow!


The Edible Flint Garden Tour is tomorrow! We have been working hard to have our garden looking beautiful. So many yummy fruits and vegetables are growing. Visit us at the healthy living fair from 3:30 to 6:00 pm tomorrow at the Flint Farmers Market, and of course make a trip to the museum to see Sproutside and take your own garden tour. Visit edibleflint.org for more information.

Here’s a sneak peak of our incredible garden:



Isn’t the cabbage beautiful!?

We hope to see you soon!

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A Little Bit of Nature in the City


We love that our garden attracts so many beautiful creatures like this lovely butterfly!

Does anyone know what kinds of butterfly this is?

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What Happens to the Veggies Grown in Sproutside?


Of course our visitors are used to tasting the produce grown in Sproutside, but what do we do with the rest of it? We sent this wagon of food to our local food bank!
Fresh veggies are important for everyone to have and we hope that we can help keep our community members happy and healthy by donating our harvests this summer.

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Veggie Power!


Did you know that these tiny tomatoes can power a clock? How cool! Come visit Sproutside to see what other veggies can create electricity.


Vegetables also give your body energy! Look at all these things harvested from Sproutside. They can all keep your body strong and healthy, and they taste good too!

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Grass Monsters are Guarding the Grow Lab!


Looks like the grass monsters could use a haircut! The kids who planted them at Bob Evans kids night did a great job!

Learn more about plants ad farm fresh food:

-Visit the grow lab in the lobby of the the Miller Rd, Flint Bob Evans through the end of the month.
-Visit Sproutside at the Flint Children’s Museum.
-Visit our brand new farm exhibit which opens tomorrow!

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H2Go! Water Powered Cars TOMORROW!


How awesome looking is this Hydrocar? We think it’s pretty cool. It operates on 100% clean fuel produced by a reversible fuel cell using solar power.
Visit the museum tomorrow, Friday, July 19th to race hydrocars and to see how they work. Maybe you’ll be driving a car like this one day! Science is amazing!

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