Sproutside at the Flint Children's Museum

To inspire a love for learning and awaken imagination through exploration and hands on play.

3, 2, 1… Blast off!

on September 11, 2012

Who doesn’t dream of being an astronaut as a kid? The thought of heading to outer space in a rocket is just so exciting! But of course there is a lot of science that goes into a trip to space. We explored some of these ideas in Sproutside by launching a water rocket. This is a very simple device that uses air and water to shoot the rocket high into the sky. We sell the kit in our gift shop, all you need to provide is some sort of air pump and water.
Here is one of our young scientists setting it up:


Together we learned about pressure, the effects of wind, and that our rocket could survive being hit by a car! The kids had a blast testing out different amounts of water to see what would make the rocket fly the highest.
Check out how high it flew! Look for the tiny speck in the sky, near the middle.



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