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Goodnight Garden

on October 26, 2010

We’ve been very busy this fall at the museum.  We closed for 2 weeks in September to refresh the museum and add some new exhibits and improvements.  This October we’ve had the Stone Soup Harvest Celebration (including performances of the Stone Soup Fable by the Kearsley Park Players Children’s Troupe), the museum’s annual fundraiser event Are You Smarter than a Grade Schooler? was October 15, and we had a Halloween Happening party with a Live Animal Exhibit!

Along with everything else this fall, we have also put our garden “to bed”.  April, our Nature Educator, provided some tips to store your green garden tomatoes so you can have fresh tomatoes into winter!

Supplies: Tomatoes, newspaper, box (or paper bag), a cool and dry place for storage

1.  Pick all of the green tomatoes (the ones that haven’t been hit by frost)

  • You can make this into a game for the kids.  They don’t have to worry about if the tomato is ripe or not.  They just pick as many as they can

2.  Use newspaper to wrap the green tomatoes.  Wrap big tomatoes by themselves; smaller ones can be wrapped together.

3.  Place wrapped tomatoes in a box or paper bag.

4.  Store box or paper bag in a cool, dry place.  The basement is a great place.

5.  Check the tomatoes 2-3 times a week for ripe tomatoes. Just unwrap to see the color.


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